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Seattle has been my favorite city for years for so many reasons. The beautiful skies, greenery, people, the crisp cool air; the perfect blend between urban and nature; coffee, chocolates, northwestern cuisine. Here is my take on some of the “must trys” of Seattle. Enjoy.

fall belle buns
[left] Capitol Hill. [right] Thanksgiving Seasonal Sweet Potato Bun @ Belle Epicurean

Best buns: Belle Epicurean. Chef graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and went from farmer’s market to this beautiful Parisian bakery as a part of the Fairmont Hotel, selling her famous “Belle’s Buns.” paprika croissant

paprika croissant inside

Smoked Paprika Cheddar Croissant @ Crumble and Flake

Best croissant: The flakiness and airiness of Crumble and Flake’s croissants are unbelievable. The artisans are hard at work at this little storefront early in the mornings making these delicious treats. They sell out within two hours so get the timing down before going!

serious biscuits seattle
[left] A happy me, relaxed and ready to eat. [right] Fried Catfish Biscuit (and farther back, fried chicken with black pepper gravy biscuit) @ Serious Biscuits

Best biscuit: Biscuit at Serious Biscuits. Another one of Tom Douglas’s creation. Serious Biscuits serves up the most satisfying biscuits for breakfast or lunch, like fried chicken with black pepper gravy biscuit, truffled frittata, tomato caper relish and arugula biscuit, the list goes on.

westin il corvo

[left] View from our hotel room in the am. [right] Bucatini with ‘fiery hot Vesuvius sauce’ @ Il Corvo

il corvo pasta

[left] Conchiglie with savory blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts. [right] Maccheroni alla Bolognese @ Il Corvo

Best pasta: The special daily handmade pasta at Il Corvo. This little place in Pioneer Square makes three fresh pasta from scratch daily, and that is their menu. The pasta is flavorful, perfectly al dente, chewy, and lightly dressed. Only open from 11am to 3pm Monday through Friday, Il Corvo draws crowds of people, so be prepared to wait.

seattle water


homegrown sandwiches

[left] Homegrown menu of the day. [right] Paprika Broccoli Jack Melt @ Homegrown

Best sandwich: The sandwiches at Homegrown make you wonder how sandwiches can ever taste so good. Bread is lightly toasted and crunchy, and the filling is fresh and full of flavor. I can eat the hummus and roasted red bell pepper sandwich every day.

kouign amann

Kouign Amann @ Crumble and Flake

Best kouign amann (pronounced ‘kween-amaun’): Crumble and Flake not only makes the best croissants, they also make the best kouign amann. I have no doubt that it’s the best even though this was my very first time trying a kouign amann… It is a Breton cake that is slow baked until the butter puffs up and the sugar outside caramelizes. They said “what is kouign amann?” is the most common question they get, so don’t feel bad.

tom douglas coconut pie

[left] Triple Coconut Cream Cake @ Palace Kitchen [right] leaves

Best light and fluffy dessert: The legendary triple coconut cream pie at Palace Kitchen or any other Tom Douglas’s restaurant is not the rich decadent dessert that takes you to paradise after the first bite. It is a drawn out love affair. You will take one bite, then take another, then another, until you finish the pie. Then, you will go back and order it again. Then, you will go to Dahlia Bakery and buy the entire pie and inhale it all. That is why it is legendary.

Best seafood: Order the ‘whole Idaho trout’ at Palace Kitchen.

purple cafe espresso tart

[left] Espresso Chocolate Tart @ Purple Café and Wine Bar [right] Wines at Purple Café and Wine Bar

Best chocolate dessert: Espresso chocolate tart at Purple Café and Wine Bar is that rich fudgy chocolate-y espresso-y dessert you’ve been craving for.

Best Pizza: Serious Pie (see my post on Chef Tom Douglas’s food) is still one of the best. I’ve had a lot of really good pies in Italy, in LA, in SF. Serious Pie doesn’t have the best dough or the best tomato base, but what it does best is putting everything together. The menu is fresh and seasonal. The combination of ingredients will blow you away. I loved the crispy thin crust with truffle cheese and roasted mushrooms and that pie topped with caramelized onions, anchovies, and delicate squash. Every bite of it was perfect.

Until next time.

Seattle City Eats Guide from Cooking Light

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