Traditional Chinese Chicken Porridge


In a Chinese household, porridge is what moms make when someone in the family is not feeling well. Pretty much the counterpart of a hearty chicken noodle soup. It’s soothing, flavorful, and nutritious. Porridge generally differs by region, and the differences…

Healthy All-in-One: Gooey Stuffed Shells

Gooey Stuffed Shells

A healthy all-in-one dinner with nutritious ingredients sometimes is all I crave. Gooey Stuffed Shells with Chicken Sausage and Spinach Ingredients 1 16-oz low moisture mozzarella cheese, cut into small cubes 1 12-oz package of jumbo pasta shells 1lb of…

5 Star Makeover: Wasabi Timbales

Wasabi Timbales

Our 5 Star Makeover theme this month is ‘junk food’, or featuring ‘junk food’ in a dish. A junk food that stirred up memories for me was Wasabi Green Peas. Have you ever had them? Usually the first thing that…