Quick and Easy Bison Risotto

bison risotto

Cold days call for stews, soups and… risotto. This is a quick and easy risotto with bison, garlic, arugula, fresh grana padano cheese, and chicken broth, thickened and made creamier with an egg and some milk. Bison is a great protein to add…

White Wine Fettuccine with Mussels

mussels wine pasta

I just love seafood dishes with that light wine and garlic flavor infused in the sauce. It is so refreshing and fresh tasting. Mussels and clams are also surprisingly easy to cook, though I find it slightly weird as the…

Addicting Irresistible Fried Ravioli

fried ravioli

Before you start judging me, and I know you will if I didn’t stop you, I want to talk about just how amazing these ravioli are. THESE ARE AMAZING. Airy, breaded, flavorful, sinful, addicting… it may look heavy but it…