Dinner Ideas for Two

Romantic Italian

What could be romantic than the cuisine of Italy in the comfort of your own home? Cook an Italian dinner for two tonight.

Food Truck Style

Surprise that special someone with a delicious and unusual dinner idea tonight. Bring back a favorite food truck, halal cart or deli just for the two of you.

The Classics

If you are a traditionalist, you will enjoy these classic dinner ideas and recipes.

Exotic Fusion

Sometimes it’s just fun to spice it up for the two of you. Try some new flavors and it might just become a favorite.

Restaurant Dinner Ideas

If you prefer to enjoy a nice dinner for two at a romantic restaurant, take a look at some of these amazing places that will definitely make your night memorable. For now, these restaurants are only for the West Coast.

Other Dinner Ideas for Two

When it comes to dinner ideas for two, cooking is not the only option. Have you considered…

  • Personal Chef service at Home? The American Personal & Private Chef Association has a directory where you can find a personal chef in your area. The chef can come to your home and prepare a gourmet and restaurant quality dinner for the two of you. Aside from the delicious dinner, this can be a fun idea for a private culinary experience.
  • Favorite or new restaurant food delivery or pickup? It’s all about having creative ideas. Maybe you can spend more time and energy in setting up the ambience for your dinner for two and just order in advance from a famous or a favorite local restaurant. Check Delivery.com to see which places near you deliver!
  • Prepare a unique themed dinner with interesting ethnic or cultural snacks, spices, and decor. From miso soup to ramen to sakura maccha latte kit kat, the two of you will definitely have a lot to chat about over such a themed dinner. It’s one of those memorable dinner ideas that you likely won’t forget about. Like this 14-pack Japanese snacks, for instance.
  • Enjoy a nighttime picnic by the beach, at a park, or just on your patio or backyard? Choose some snacks, small plates, and a bottle of wine and bring it on the go in a picnic basket. Even the idea of it sounds perfect.

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